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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dream a little dream...

I admit it.  I'm a big wimp when it comes to running outside in the winter.  However when I read about all of the wonderful sights that fellow runners are seeing on their outdoor winter runs (minus the roadkill), I envy them.  There are definite advantages to running indoors though including...

  • There is always a clean bathroom nearby.
  • I don't have to get all layered up.
  • There is always a clean bathroom nearby.
  • I get to catch up with my soaps.
  • There is always a clean bathroom nearby.
  • I have unlimited access to water.
  • Oh and did I mention...there is always a clean bathroom nearby!
As an extra bonus last night, Bailey kept me company.  I ran while he was hard at work designing a city.  Yes, a city. For a few days now, my 11 year old has been on a mission to build his own city.  My child who relishes his role of "baby of the family" especially when it comes to getting out of work, spent two hours voluntarily cleaning the basement in hopes of finding scrap wood that he could use.  (He came up empty handed, but our basement looks great!)  He has now decided to save up for some lumber, but in the meantime he went online to see which colleges were known for having good architecture programs.  With his mind made up on Michigan, he decided the next step should be sketching out his dream.  So he dreamt and sketched, while I dreamt and ran.

I find that one of the best things about being a runner, is that truly just about anyone can do it.  I especially love big races because they prove this fact time and time again.  Old, young, fast, slow, fit, not so fit, and many who have overcome huge obstacles including beating cancer, loss of limb(s), blindness, etc...  I love being inspired by personalized runner bibs or shirts.  Each race is just one page in each person's unique journey, but for a few miles, we are all united by similar dreams.  It is not about being faster than that runner next to you.  It is about a group of people who support each other in chasing these dreams.  The dream to be just a little better version of yourself than you were the day before, to bravely face challenges that you never believed you were capable of, or even to briefly experience the scenery of our world without the chaos and stress that many of us experience in our everyday life.   
A pretty priceless view, and only available from the confines of my treadmill!  Keep chasing those dreams Little B, and thanks for inspiring me to keep chasing mine!


  1. Great post! Way to get it done on your treadmill. And I love that your son is so inspired with big dreams! You are so right about running being for people of all abilities, sizes, life obstacles... thanks so much for joining us!

    1. Thanks so much! Running is even better now that I'm connected to so many inspirational new friends!